Sperm's Tales
Sleeping Beauty: A Surprisingly Sexual Tale

      One beautifully orgasmic night, a King Baby Daddy and his wife-to-be conceived their first born child. Of course, nine months later, there she was, Princess Aurora, the sexiest baby your dirty eyes had never saw.

       The king and queen had a do-it ball to celebrate the baby’s coming. They invited everyone in the land except for of course the king’s prostitute sister: Malifi2cents, this being her name of course because she only charged two cents a screw.

       The ball was magnificent, everyone wearing the sluttiest outfit they could find to pleasure the King, and of course the new baby. There were only three attendants who brought gifts: Whora, Cumma, and Hornywether, Whora granted her the gift of a very active sex-life, Cumma granted her the gift of being able to make any guy cum on demand.

       Before Hornywether could grant her gift, Malifi2cents crashed the party and bestowed upon the baby a curse; during her sexual debut, Aurora would fall into a sex-induced coma, never to be awakened again.

       Years past, and the king and queen tried to keep aurora away from sexual feelings, didn’t ever teach her about it. they had interventions for an hour every week.

       But when the princess Aurora turned 13, she was just too horny, she had to feel what it felt like. She had sex, and she had it good. but just like Malifi2cents had foretold, she was swept away into a sex-induced coma the man she was having sex with just got turned on more, and kept on having sex with her until Aurora’s father came in, seeing to it that the man be executed.

      Aurora’s sleep continues on for years. Aurora’s father becoming impatient, goes into Aurora’s room to plead with her to wake up. One thing leads to another and the king is raping Aurora.

      The king was not a wise man. After a few days of constantly raping Aurora, he realizes the money he can make off of it. He Rents off Aurora’s body.

      Years pass and the king is now the richest in all of the world. Until one day, A prince named Philip visits the kingdom. He comes, hearing of the unconscious body of Aurora ( by this time, having mothered 20 children, Never aged a day ). He has sex with her. He has sex with her so hard, It Gives her the biggest orgasm of her life. It wakes her up, coughing up blood all over the floor. Thereafter, Aurora was forever (sex) slave to the Prince Philip.

     And They Lived Sexually Ever After,